post by: KrisAnne

We created something beautiful together last night. As the sun was setting and the summer breeze was gently blowing, we made something new.

We offered and received food. We learned about each other’s lives, found common ground. We laughed and told stories, shook hands and shared a bit of our hearts.

We honored what others brought to the table, whether it was a new delicious recipe or the leadership given to a project.

Most beautiful to me, was that we ended the night by working side by side, harvesting potatoes. Strangers that had become new friends, bending down on hands and knees, digging in the dirt…. in order to be generous to the community.

There is something about working shoulder to shoulder with another that acts like glue, I think. I pray the bond will only  become stronger with time!


~ by missionindtown on July 14, 2011.

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